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Take a look through some of my testimonials. I love to work with my clients and give fantastic results. I ensure that all of my methods meet the criteria you want to succeed with whatever it is you are looking to achieve. So if you are looking to de-stress, become a non-smoker, get help with weight management or anything else, look no further, I may be able help!

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Dear Clare I just wanted to thank you, my husband has suffered from anxiety for along time, we were recommended  by a friend to see you, from the bottom of my heart you have my gratitude, I have my real husband back now, he was missing for a while.
– Mrs. M.

What Fear of spiders?? It’s gone now, 20 minutes with you gone.  In fact today before I calmly removed the spider from my lounge I took a selfie with it!! Ha Ha

– Miss. B.

I walked into your office with my head low thinking another hypnotherapist another time ill have to go home and tell my wife it didn’t work,  my anxiety is still here along with my low self esteem, and then I met you, with your big friendly smile and your confidence in being able to help me ..I felt at ease, your method was so quick and simple,  a week later I feel good, I feel positive, Thank you.  

– Mr. T.

Thanks for the confidence and motivation session we had… I got the job, yeah!

– Mrs. A.

Weight management with you was fab, Got the motivation got the mind set to do this now… week 3 now 9 lbs lost, like you said its not what we eat its how we eat and how we live our lives..Thank you.

– Mrs. P.

Yeap feels great to say I am now officially 4 whole weeks as a non-smoker…your suggestion is still there, in fact you could give me £5000 I still wouldn’t have a cigarette and I feel great!!!

– Mrs. N.

Oh wow having that emotional clear out today with you has just lifted me up, I have let it go!!! Yeah! 

– Mrs. Y.

Clare I just felt the need to thank you in writing for your help, as I discussed with you, your the 4th counsellor I’ve seen, in the past 3 years, I truly thought this is it, I have to accept who I am, carry my guilt, always be angry, and then you was recommended and I thought sod it one more go (you came highly recommended), it was nice to talk to a therapist that had a sense of humour and always left me thinking positively when I left each session, I liked the fact you was so open and honest and encouraging, you made it so easy for me talk about stuff and to let go off stuff feelings/thoughts that I didn’t need to hold onto, and help me realise so much about me that was good and let go off the stuff I needed to let go off , anyway thanks again, happy for you to share this review. Regards from a man that ain’t ashamed or angry anymore.

Dear Clare, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am for all your help and encouragement to help me overcome my anxiety that I’ve suffered for, I thought it was only the past few years but during our therapy you helped me realise and recognise in fact I’d suffered in silence for years, once I got through the shock of that, you helped me understand where it came from and why, thank you for your support and encouragement to finally be able to say goodbye to it, I’m in a better place now. I control my thoughts and feelings. Thank you.

Clare got to know me very quickly within the first session. Being an excellent listener and such a down to earth person – so down to earth I felt at peace just in her presence, and with a sense of humour too, I felt so comfortable talking to her and discussing some very personal issues. I have tried hypnosis with a couple of other hypnotherapists and they were not able to connect to my inner feelings. Clare however in the first session used hypnosis to get through to my inner feelings and was so successful that she (a complete stranger before this session) was able to make me cry within a few seconds of hypnosis, demonstrating her ability to get to my inner most feelings. I was very impressed by this and from then on had complete confidence in how she lead our subsequent sessions. Thank you Clare for your kindness and all that you helped me with.

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